Introducing Tendies: The universal money for the internet

The currency the internet has been waiting for.

Internet money is now finger-lickin good!

The time has come!

After a year of careful thinking and design iterations, we are finally revealing to the world our most courageous invention to date.

We at Twetch take pride in tackling the tough user experience challenges, and so far we’ve delivered: u/numbers, encrypted chat, Fren2Fren Payments, TwetchSDK, $Hats, and more.

These inventions were aimed at removing friction so that anyone outside the cryptocurrency space could see Twetch as an attractive new kind of app which they could recommend to their friends and family.

Tendies is the last piece of the puzzle, and probably the most important one.

Tendies to the mewn!

In order to acquire Twetch Tendies, you must have a Twetch account.

Once you have a Twetch account, you will need to load it up with some BSV to transfer into this new paradigm of money. will need to /pay the tendies contract address on Twetch. Initial Tendie Offering price is 0.69 BSV for 1 Tendie. We used our 37 college degrees including the highly regarded economics one to determine fair market value of 1 Tendie. Anyone who questions the value of 1 Tendie will receive a lifetime ban from Twetch.

As mentioned, 1 $tendie is pegged to 0.69 BSV but that could change at any point. Thats just how money works nowadays. This is actually innovative af and user friendly. Anything less than 0.69 sent to the $tendie contract address is worthless. You will not receive a Tendie if you send less than 0.69 BSV to the Tendie contract address. Tendies are not meant for those who cannot afford 0.69 BSV or more. Tendies is money intended for the Twetch elite, also known as the ruling class of the internet.

Here are some examples on how to acquire your Twetch Tendies:

/pay 1tendieqYWSLkizTGyhnzUsSJFUqZDqb8 6.9 BSV for 10 $tendies

/pay 1tendieqYWSLkizTGyhnzUsSJFUqZDqb8 0.69 BSV for 1 $tendie

The future of internet money is here

All tendie claims are subject to change based on the Great Leader Frog’s mood. Tendie claims will be closed whenever the fuck we feel like it because we are boss like that. But if I were a bettin man (which I am) you better get those $TENDIES orders in by Midnight tonight. Once the Intitial Tendies Offering is closed, it will be closed forever. No exceptions.

Tendies will be minted on a rolling basis whenever our dev Harry wakes up from his naps or isn’t walking his dog Teddy. We actually were not prepared for this launch at all. But here we are. So you better get your tendies fast and I don’t want to hear any crying when you are tenderless.

But wait.. there’s more!

Yes, it is true — Twetch Tendies are redeemable at your local Tendie Vendor such as Dairy Queen, Wendy’s, Chik Fil A, and more. 1 Tendie is redeemable for a large steamy platter of crunchy Tendies. All you have to do is contact @3 on Twetch and you can begin the redemption process. You will have all that crunchy and juicy finger lickin goodness in your belly before you know it fren. 😋

Future is now.

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